“I’m Ted’s daughter. He told me to come into t…

“I’m Ted’s daughter. He told me to come into the guest room and meet you. He told me that you are allowed to rape me. So please feel free to rape me.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I’ll take off my pants and panties… there… Do I seem serious now?”

“Your pussy is bald and looks so young and innocent.”

“It’s very tight too. I promise I will make you feel good.”

“Oh my God, sweetie, you are amazing.”

“Thanks. I’m honored to accept your dick into my body.”

“Do you have a condom?”

“Daddy says it’s not rape if you have to use a condom. My body is yours, flesh on flesh, completely bare. He says he wants you to feel a real pussy.”

“That’s wonderful. I can’t wait to feel that cunt of yours wrapped around my cock. Where am I allowed to cum?”

“You are going to rape me. I don’t get a say in where your sperm shoots.”

“I don’t like to pull out.”

“If your dick is deep inside my pussy as you start ejaculating, then I will be your cum dumpster. Hold me down, rape me, and seed my little pussy.”