Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

My brother came into my room and raped me again. I’m worried because mom won’t let me get on birth control, and he never uses condoms and always holds me down and rapes his sperm into my bare cunt. He is nice about it, as nice as you can be during a rape. He explains that he has needs that he can’t get met when he doesn’t have a date or a girlfriend. Or, even more so when he has a date and thinks he is going to get lucky, and instead gets a bad case of blue balls.

He explains that guys need to cum every so often, he has to get the sperm out, and he only has to use me when he doesn’t have another pussy he can cum in. I’m just a last resort sperm extractor and cum dump for him.

He doesn’t stop using me as a dick toy until everything in his ball sack is in my pussy. Sometimes that takes multiple orgasms, and he makes me stay in position for a few minutes until he is ready to use me again.

Lately he has been dirty talking to me (while still being nice about it) as he comes in my room. Tonight he said, “Stephanie, honey? I need my nuts drained. Take your panties off and spread your legs and I won’t have to  fight you. Just lie there and be my dick sheath for a few minutes and I’ll be done. All you have to do is milk my sperm out and you can go back to sleep.

The tighter you make your pussy, the faster I’ll nut in you. I don’t take my panties off, but I don’t fight him. I let him slide them down, and he slides into me. I let my pussy walls caress his invading bare penis for a minute, and he freezes and shoots his load inside me.

As I feel the spurts, I worry about pregnancy. I can’t have my brother impregnating me. His ejaculations are long and deep, and so much sperm comes out of me after he leaves and I clean up. One day his white semen is going to get into my egg and then I’m going to be in a real mess. Until then, he is enjoying me as a cum rag. I hope it’s worth it to him.