Her boyfriend has gotten tired of her. He does…

Her boyfriend has gotten tired of her. He doesn’t look at her like he used to. The intimacy has dried up.They hardly ever fuck anymore. She’s tired of his little dick and he doesn’t like using condoms. Lucky for me, she loves my bigger dick and I am happy to give her what she needs. She doesn’t bother with a condom with me, even though she isn’t on birth control.

She just climbs on top of me and slides her cunt down, and rides me until she orgasms, since she isn’t getting any orgasms from him. Then, to thank me, she continues milking me with her pussy until I start squirting directly into her, and she smiles and sits all the way down on me and allows me to shoot my entire load deep into her cunt.

We both like the thrill of wondering if my latest ejaculation into her will get her pregnant. He only fucks her with a condom and has to deal with her girl shit, whereas I nut in her pussy several times a week and immediately send her home, dripping with sperm.

I call her my little ball drainer to her face, and she smiles. She knows that’s what she is, and she is okay with it, because she needs her pussy touched in a certain way, which my dick can do. I bet I’ve shot a gallon of sperm into her belly before promptly showing her the door, while her boyfriend has never even learned what her slick pussy walls feel like. I’ve won.