I saw my ex Derek at the store. He’s the one I…

I saw my ex Derek at the store. He’s the one I told you about, the one who always initiated sex by just saying that he needed to cum in my pussy? He was always so direct and demanding, it turned me on so much. He never tried to make me feel good, he would just fuck me long enough to shoot. I was a warm hole he used to empty his balls.

With anyone else, that would be boring. But with him, he made it feel like it was my duty. Like I was his sex slave. And I would get off later, after seeing him take his pleasure from my body. I got off on being his toy…

Well, anyway, we started talking and he told me that he was single again. I couldn’t help myself. I asked him if his balls were full, since he was single. He told me they were very full. I asked him if he needed my pussy to cum in. He said he did. We went out to his windowless van, I pulled my pants and panties down and bent over, and he stuck his dick in me and pumped for about a minute, and then pushed in as deep into my vagina as he could, and emptied his balls there.

Wanna see what he did?


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