sexypieces:submission I am used to jacking off…



I am used to jacking off as soon as I come home from work. Once I marry you, that will become your responsibility. At 5:30 pm, Monday thru Friday, I need a jack off toy when I come thru the door. I don’t have to use my hands anymore, because now I have you.

I expect to see you like this in the bedroom, every day, when I get off work. I might not always fuck you, but I want you to offer every time.

When I come in the bedroom, I want to see you lying there quietly, clothes off, legs spread, ready for penetration. That means make sure your pussy is already wet and you are aroused. I don’t do foreplay with a toy.

If you want to have an orgasm, then either be close when I get there, or do it on your own time, before or after I use you. At this time of the day, you are there to relieve me.

We can make love and have romance at some other time. When I get off work, I need a toy. Just lie there motionless, and let me jack off into you. Arouse me with your naked body, milk my dick with your pussy, and catch my sperm in your womb. I don’t use a condom when I jack off, so make sure you are on birth control, because you will be getting shot full of sperm every time.

Being my masturbation toy and giving me a warm, soft place to empty my balls once a day is one of your wifely duties. I promise to love and cherish you, if you promise to let me jack off into you.


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