@trixieswallowsasissycumslut sister and ex wif…

@trixieswallowsasissycumslut sister and ex wife once she found out. He would go out slutted up cuz she loved the fact the could shop the same stores. But then Trixies bra, panties draw was bigger and better than hers. The 21 applebottom bikinis and tie side bikinis didnt help. The half a closet of pleated micro mini skirts and 100’s boy shorts trixie still wears as regular everyday shorts started to make her feel like how Trixie dressed wasnt normal for a sissy. But when trixie went to work running everyday type errands for Co writer of prop 215 in sacramento everyday and made 4 outfit changes a day. She started calling him a fag and left with trixies meth dealer. All he said was “honey.”
“Dont be jelous because i get away with it everyday and when you try it looks like you’re uncomfortarble and trying to be a pornstar” “my ass just looks better partly covered then yours does in yoga pants”