blackdaddydom: Janine didn’t want it at first, but her big…


Janine didn’t want it at first, but her big sister was able to convince her.

Janine always wondered about Rachel’s new wild lifestyle. They both used to be office-drones, but now Rachel looked like a bombshell, had quit her job, always had money and was constantly perky.

Rachel let her in on her secret. She was a BBC-only, bareback escort. Along the way, she’d started smoking and then shooting Meth. She charged high rates for never asking for an STD test, and letting men do anything that doesn’t leave a mark.

Tonight she would introduce Janine to the lifestyle.

I feel like a role model right now. Everything that big sister did i was doing at 16 because i blossomed at the age of 13. Step daddy took notice and trained me to be the cum drunk sperm bank i am today. Started doing meth and it made me even more of a slut than i already was so i figured why not get paid in speed and cash to do what i was gonna do for free anyways. Ever since then the bags and the stacks get bigger and bigger everyday.

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