Jennifer was so happy. Drew had asked her to be his girlfriend…

Jennifer was so happy. Drew had asked her to be his girlfriend last week, and she had always wanted an older guy like him. He told her that all she had to do to keep him was to satisfy him by spreading her legs when he needed her to.

She told him she was a virgin. He said that was fine, her technique didn’t matter, he would do all the work. All she had to do was lie there and provide the pussy. And of course, she had to let him inside her bareback and let him nut in her tight hole all he wanted. Seeing a cute innocent girl like her was all it took to make him cum.

Her pussy stayed awash with sperm. She took the emergency pill for several days as he squirted up in her again and again, until her birth control she just started kicked in. He treated her so good. All she had to do was keep her legs spread and let him ejaculate in her vagina, and she had the man of her dreams.

She made sure to keep him happy. She might have been just a hole to shoot in to him, but she was HIS hole. And every time she felt his semen injected into her body, she felt close to him somehow.

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